Opium Candles is trying to do its part in the gigantic responsibility we all have in protecting our environment. We chose not to use a box; instead, we hand poured our candles into a real drinking glass so that you can creatively reuse it for whatever you like. After your candle burns out simply remove the wick and wash it out with warm water and soap (yes, really!). And we are made in the USA, helping support the local economy.

In a quest for beauty without extravagance with constant attention to detail, we are committed to the highest-quality products possible without compromise. We hope our fragrances can create intimate experiences, evoke emotions and delight loyal fans with our scent creations. Our candles gradually reveal their subtle aromas and diffuse the air with nostalgic and unusual scents inspired from nature, with we hope will engage the senses. Let our candles enhance your interior, provide a fine gift for a man or woman and fill your home with happiness.

Behind their apparent simplicity, our candles have the ability to transform the atmosphere of your home. Choose from a wide range to create a personal playlist of fragrances for your olfactory universe as the seasons change. Each candle is made from 100% pure soy wax (not blended with any other wax) with no additives or dyes, skin safe, made with infused soy and essential oils, topped off with cotton wicks virtually minimizing all soot and burning very clean. Each scent is strong and carefully crafted to create intoxicating aromatic fragrance for your space.